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loookin in SF [24 Dec 2005|01:19am]

any gals here in San fRancisco? Hit me up
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Come on, guys!! [21 Jan 2005|03:41am]

Start posting some pictures! Guys, gals anyone. Naked or not naked of your tits and/or ass :P Come on!
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From the community owner! [08 Dec 2004|02:14am]

Yep, first ever pictures from moi...

Here they areCollapse )
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[18 Feb 2004|11:52am]

it's not much, but I'll have more soon, I'm the one with the skirt on
Read more...Collapse )
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Hey there! [06 Feb 2004|06:21am]

New community! Sorry if you think it inappropriate to advertise here...
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[12 Oct 2003|08:30pm]

Hey People start posting!!!!!!
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I think... [01 Oct 2003|03:58am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I think I'm going to start a community dedicated just to pictures of hot celebrities specially female ones, what do ya'll think? Anywhoo, here's my fix for the night.


Pamela AndersonCollapse )

Rebecca Romijn-StamosCollapse )

Monica BeluccciCollapse )

Anna KournikovaCollapse )

Jennifer GarnerCollapse )

Elizabeth HurleyCollapse )

Damn, that took forever, hehe.

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[30 Sep 2003|08:43pm]

ok, i have no pix of my ass,go figure,but i'll take some this weekend
so here u go start rating but be niiiice!!!^_^ heheCollapse )
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LOOK!! [30 Sep 2003|05:05am]

Look at our new gorgeous layout, thank you to yourwickedangel (who has an awesome icon journal by the way, go look!) for making it. She's brilliant!!! <3
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hey there! [29 Sep 2003|07:26pm]

Hott in heerreeCollapse )
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Just some nice celeb pics... [29 Sep 2003|03:28pm]

Random celebs and pics...WARNING: Some nudity

Katherine Heigl, one of my favesCollapse )

Christiina AguileraCollapse )

Cindy MargolisCollapse )

Carmen ElectraCollapse )

Brooke BurkeCollapse )

Angelina JolieCollapse )

Yeah, LOL..I was kinda bored okay I might post more later, buh-bye
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Herre you go [28 Sep 2003|11:37am]

 Read more...Collapse )
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Hey everyone :) [26 Sep 2003|01:57am]

Hey everyone, please check out yourwickedangel's graphics journal, she makes wicked friends only banners, icons, backgrounds, etc. So go check it out and make a comment, because it's friends only :)
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[22 Sep 2003|12:38am]

Rate the tits behind the LJ cut! They're all celebrities, and I'll say their names after a few ratings. Enjoy :-)

On to the tits...Collapse )
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Hey people :) [21 Sep 2003|12:08am]

Welcome to Rate my T&A. I have just opened the site and I hope to get some new members and maybe some people who'd like help out.

Since we don't really have any members yet, I am just going to post pictures of celebrities for us to rate =P Please post if you'd like to help me out with this community. x
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